There are two ways to create a dataset for finetuning.

Dataset from logs

You can create a dataset out of your logs. Select the logs you want to use and click on the “Add to Dataset” button. Tip : Use filters to select logs and make an data set.

Upload a dataset

You can also upload a dataset from your local machine. The format for the dataset is the same as OpenAI’s.

Dataset format

Dataset should be a .jsonl file. Each json object should have the following properties:

  • messages(Required): A list of OpenAI’s chat completion messages. We support tool calls and function calls as well. Please note that finetuning for image models is not yet supported.
  • tools(Optional): List of tools for the model. Format is the same as OpenAI’s.
  • functions(Optional): List of functions for the model. Format is the same as OpenAI’s. Please note that support for functions will be removed soon.